A tree protection plan (TPP) generally follows the arboricultural impact assessment (AIA). The tree protection plan provides details on tree protection mitigations for trees that are proposed to be retained (as determined by the arboricultural impact assessment). The tree protection plan is usually included as a component of the arboricultural impact assessment but may also be supplied as a standalone document.

Our tree protection plans include detailed drawings that are prepared using AutoCAD or ArcGIS drafting software. The general information that is typically included in a tree protection plan includes, but is not limited to:

  • The location of each tree, and its identifying number.
  • Colour-coded diagrams showing which trees are proposed to be retained and removed.
  • The extent of the Tree Protection Zone (TPZ) and Structural Root Zone (SRZ).
  • The location and type of tree protection that is required. This may include tree protection fencing, trunk and branch protection, or ground protection.
  • Site-specific tree protection mitigations, including locations for non-destructive excavation (NDE) or where the arborist may need to supervise works.

The tree protection plan typically includes details on any inspections, monitoring, or certification that may be required prior to construction, during construction, or after construction has been completed.

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