What is an Arboricultural Report (Arborist Report)?

Property owners will often seek advice from a consulting arborist if they have concerns for the condition of a tree or group of trees within or adjacent to their property. The advice and recommendations of the consulting arborist are often provided to the property owner in the form of an arboricultural report (arborist report).

The arborist report is often used to support an application for tree removal or tree pruning work when the specified works require approval from the consent authority (council). Council policy also allows for an independent arborist report where a request for tree removal or tree pruning has been declined or further information is required.

What sort of information is included within an Arborist Report?

Information contained within an arborist report is usually site specific, however general information within an arboricultural report should include: a tree number (if there is more than one tree), botanical name, height, canopy spread, age class, tree significance, useful life expectancy, priority for retention, trunk diameter at breast height (DBH), the overall health and condition of the tree and any significant/visible defects that may be present.

The arborist report should clearly state the tree owners concerns and provide an objective, balanced assessment. If the hydraulic service disruptions or structural damage is believed to be caused by the tree, accurate evidence such as a structural engineers report or plumbers report must be obtained and appended to the report.

The report should consider the aims, objectives, definitions, exemptions and relevant clauses of the Local Environmental Plan (LEP) or Development Control Plan (DCP). If the structure of the tree the sole concern, then a detailed Tree Risk Assessment should be carried out.

Who is qualified to write an Arborist Report?

Most councils within will only accept arboricultural reports from a consulting arborist with a minimum AQF level 5 qualification in arboriculture (diploma of arboriculture).

How much does an Arborist Report cost?

The cost of an arborist report is variable depending on specific conditions and requirements of the site. Generally, a report for a single tree will cost around $600 + GST. This cost usually increases in small increments with the inclusion of additional trees.

How long does it take to prepare an Arborist Report?

Tree Survey will carry out the site inspection and prepare the arborist report within 14 days following acceptance of the quote. This timeframe can be reduced to 7 days (priority service) for a +25% increase in the quoted fee.